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We wanted our son to be in a centre where the therapies were focused around his specific needs, ABLE UK provide this and more. Family members see a great change in him; he notices more and has much better eye contact. He is also happy and so much calmer. He is becoming more independent and can now eat different kinds of foods, as he gets more used to different textures. He is able to express his needs more and we are over the moon with his progress. Anjali - mother of Kabir Balachandani age 2.5 years

A big Thank You to all the staff at ABLE UK for being so supportive and understanding, even for the minutest requests I have made for Liam. When we joined Able UK in April, Liam was far behind his age. I was concerned about his chances of catching up as he should attend school this year.I was assured by the therapists at ABLE that they will help us. Sure enough within two or three weeks I could see the big changes. He's learnt to sit and focus very well. He listens to stories and has developed comprehension skills. He has learnt the alphabet and is showing interest in writing and colouring, where before he would have tantrums around these activities. We are extremely happy with the progress Liam is making and he loves to go to ABLE every morning, where he is being developed and nurtured by the therapists. Abigail Fernandes - mother of Liam, age 4 years

ABLE is performing a vital role in shaping the life of my son. I am satisfied with the improvements he shows in everyday dealings. I strongly believe that the government should also support this work so their efforts can be even more effective. Mrs Khan - mother of Mohammed Khan, 21 years

I would recommend Occupational Therapy with Ms. Lia. My son has benefitted in both areas of Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills. ABLE UK has a wide range of equipment and therapeutic material, which aided my son. Thanks. Mrs. Meghana Oza
Nov 2015

Kanishk is doing Speech Therapy with Ms. Arya Manoharan in ABLE UK, first of all I want to thank for the certificate Kanishk received as the fastest learner in Speech Therapy Department. I am happy with his progress in learning PECS. I have also observed the sessions and his response in the sessions. I was initially apprehensive as to how Kanishk will be able to understand stick figures (representing pictures but after a few trials, I was happy that it worked out so well. I appreciate the sacrifice and the hard work of Arya.
Thanks again. Mrs. Seema Bhatia
Nov 2015

PS. Now my expectations are greater :)
My son Kabir has been with ABLE UK for nearly a year now. He was 2.5 years when he was diagnosed with mild to moderate Autism and we started him with therapy straight away. I was told about ABLE UK then which was fairly new but I liked the attitude of the staff , the whole centre when I visited and I decided that Kabir would go there.
Anjali Balachandran, Mum of Kabir (3 and a half years old)
Feb 2016

Aida (Jin's mum) family was in Australia when Jin was diagnosed with autism and as a new mum she couldn't believe that her son was under the spectrum as he had very normal physical features. She didn't know much about the ASD then.
"I couldn't believe that he has autism because his physical features are all normal I was just so lucky that I was living there at that moment that they were able to diagnose my son quickly." But Jin never met his milestones and not knowing what autism makes it even harder for parents according to her.

Aida Hao
Feb 2016

We would like to THANK the whole Able UK team for the work you did for our daughter Eirene. We have seen a huge amount of improvement in her since she began her therapy with you. We appreciate how well you have treated her in months that she was with you.
After we came back from vacation in August,we are really happy to find out that she has been accepted in the school and will be going for her KG1 class starting September. This is all because of the hard work that your team has worked for. Thank you. Ulysses Complido.
August, 2016

My 5 year old son Nihat,ASD, has extreme sensory issues and has received SIPT OT and the best part has been that he has stopped thumb sucking , no mouthing of toys and seeking smooth surfaces.
SLT Anshul has brought in 3-4 words sentences, and SR Joan has taught him all the phonics and numbers
I am so pleased and thankful to the team of ABLE UK and my son feels at home.
Thank you for giving my son back home. Dr Ayesha Cheema mum of Nihat
August 8, 2016

Thank you very much. We are very pleased to inform you that Kiyan was wonderful and very co operative during his flight to Sri Lanka. He enjoyed the transition and behaved really well. Thank you and your excellent staff for making such positive change in him. Mr and Mrs Wickramsingha Parents of Kiyan - 4 YRS
August 8, 2016

It's my pleasure to give you our feedback about the services that we have received for our daughter Aisha:

"Since day one, ABLE UK team in Dubai took very good care of our daughter. When we started to work with the team, our daughter had difficulties in speaking. In less than a year, our daughter significantly improved and is now ready for main-stream school. We are very thankful for the great work that the team has provided. A special thanks to Ms. Joan". Father of Aisha 6 years old
Sept, 2016

This is my third testimonial and special thanks to the team at ABLE UK. My son Kabir has been with ABLE UK since he was 2 years old and now 4 he has improved leaps. All his sensory issues are gone, he has no behaviours, no tantrums, has learnt speech, socialisation, independence, and ready for main stream school. He can count up to 100 and knowS his alphabet. All this in a year and a half. He had no speech earlier and had massive issues which were all sorted with the SIPT OT he received. I will keep my son in the ABLE UK Learning Support programme as I know he will do better here than any mainstream school because ABLE UK CARES!! Anjali Balchandani mum of Kabir 4 yrs old
Sept, 2016

This is the only center I know which is not running after money all the time. They are very flexible in the way they charge especially to parents who struggle to pay, they make sure every child that comes to their door gets a service Hind- mum of ( A)
Dec, 2016

My daughter Daniya has been receiving therapy and skills education at Able Uk for the past year. She has become very independent and confident she gained many skills. I am extremely happy with all the team at ABLE UK. Mr. Sagheer
April, 2017